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Discover unmatched strength and affordability with our Mild Steel Sheet collection. Specifically crafted for exhaust systems and internal tubing in car engines, our sheets provide the ideal balance of durability and weldability. Tailor-made for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike, these sheets can be easily customized for various vehicle models and modifications. Explore our range of thickness options to find the perfect fit for your exhaust projects. From high-performance engine setups to custom fabrications, trust Exo Auto Parts to deliver the quality and versatility you need. Elevate your automotive projects with our Mild Steel Sheets – where strength meets precision.

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Why choose mild steel sheets for exhaust systems and internal tubing in car engines?


Mild steel offers a balance of strength, weldability, and affordability, making it an ideal choice for exhaust components and internal tubing. It withstands the heat and pressure conditions associated with car engines.*

How does mild steel differ from stainless steel in exhaust applications?

Mild steel is more susceptible to corrosion compared to stainless steel. However, it is a cost-effective solution with sufficient durability for exhaust systems and internal tubing, especially when coated or properly maintained.*

Can mild steel sheets be used for customizing exhaust systems in different vehicle models?

Yes, mild steel sheets are highly versatile and can be customized to fit various exhaust system configurations. They can be cut and shaped to meet the specific requirements of different vehicle models.

What thicknesses are available in your mild steel sheet collection for exhaust applications?

Our mild steel sheet collection includes various thickness options to accommodate different exhaust system designs. Explore our product listings for specific thickness details.*


Is mild steel suitable for high-performance or modified car engines?


Yes, mild steel is often used in high-performance and modified car engines. Its strength and weldability make it suitable for fabricating exhaust components in custom engine setups.*


How do I prevent mild steel exhaust components from rusting?

To prevent rusting, it's recommended to apply a protective coating such as paint or a specialized anti-corrosion treatment. Regular maintenance and avoiding exposure to harsh conditions contribute to the longevity of mild steel components.


Can mild steel sheets be welded easily for exhaust system fabrication?

Yes, mild steel is known for its excellent weldability. It allows for strong and secure welds, facilitating the fabrication of exhaust components and internal tubing in car engines.

Are your mild steel sheets suitable for DIY enthusiasts working on car projects?

Absolutely! Our mild steel sheets are well-suited for DIY projects, especially for those working on car exhaust systems and engine modifications. They provide the durability and flexibility needed for custom fabrications.