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Welcome to EXO Auto Parts, your go-to destination for Australian aftermarket exhausts! Our muffler collection boasts a range of options that are sure to impress any car or truck enthusiast. From hotdog mufflers and universal mufflers to our selection of performance systems, mandrel bends, chrome stacks, and more, we offer an array of quality products in stainless, mild steel, and aluminum. Upgrade your ride with our mufflers that not only improve performance but also add an aggressive sound to your vehicle. Say goodbye to boring factory exhausts and hello to a new level of driving experience with EXO Auto Parts. Shop now and experience the EXO difference!

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What does a Muffler do?

Have you ever wondered what that long, cylindrical-shaped part on the underside of your car is? That, my friend, is the muffler. This unassuming component plays a crucial role in keeping your car's noise levels under control. It reduces the sound created by your engine's exhaust system by using a series of chambers and tubes to reflect and absorb sound waves. It also works to reduce harmful emissions by helping to filter out pollutants from your car's exhaust before they are released into the air. So next time you're cruising down the highway and notice that your ride is surprisingly quiet and smooth, thank your trusty muffler for doing its job!

If you want to increase the noise of your car or make that noise nice to the ears without getting a fine, get a performance exhaust, it's that easy, here at EXO auto parts.


Should you remove your cars muffler?

If you're deciding whether or not to remove your car's muffler, there are some things to consider. While it may give your car a louder and more aggressive sound, it can also be illegal and cause problems with your car's performance. Additionally, driving a car without a muffler can be incredibly loud and disruptive to others. So, unless you're specifically trying to modify your car for racing or performance purposes, it's generally not recommended to remove your muffler. Remember, it's important to be considerate of both the law and your fellow drivers on the road. That's why the best case, is getting a performance muffler from us, to enjoy the best of both worlds, a louder exhaust, and a legal vehicle. 


Exhaust vs Muffler, what's the difference? 

When it comes to the sounds your car makes, it's important to understand the difference between an exhaust system and a muffler. While both of these components affect your car's sound, they do so in different ways. An exhaust system refers to the entire system of pipes that carry exhaust gases from the engine to the back of the car. A muffler, on the other hand, is a component within the exhaust system that reduces the sound of the exhaust as it leaves the tailpipe. In other words, the exhaust system is responsible for the engine's sound, while the muffler is responsible for the tailpipe's sound. So, the next time you hear your car roaring down the street, you'll know exactly which component is responsible for the sound.