Exhaust Components for your Car or Truck, Australia

Welcome to EXO Auto Parts, your ultimate destination for Australian aftermarket exhaust components. Our collection of exhaust components such as Mandrel bends, exhaust donuts, exhaust tubes, and clamps will help you boost your vehicle's performance to an unprecedented level. We have a vast selection of premium quality products such as performance mufflers, pipes, tubes, sports systems, chrome stacks, and more in stainless, mild steel, and aluminium. Our collection offers you top-of-the-line, best-in-class exhaust components for every make and model, ensuring that you get the exact fit you need. Shop our collection today, and experience the difference that EXO Auto Parts can make for the performance of your vehicle!

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What Materials are Exo's Exhaust Components Offered in?

Exo's Exhaust Components offer a variety of high-quality materials to choose from for their products. Mild steel and stainless steel are both popular options for their durability and strength. Aluminum is also available for those looking for a lightweight option. For those looking for a sleek and shiny appearance, chrome plated materials are also offered. With so many options to choose from, Exo's Exhaust Components ensures their customers can find the perfect fit for their needs. Whether it's power or aesthetics, they've got it covered.


Do Exhaust Components Help or Add Horsepower to your car?

If you're looking to boost your car's performance, you might have heard about exhaust components. The big question is, do they actually add horsepower? Well, the answer is yes - but with a caveat. Exhaust components can help your engine breathe better, which can lead to improved fuel efficiency and more power. However, the amount of horsepower gain will depend on a variety of factors, such as the type of components you install and how they're designed. So if you're looking to upgrade your exhaust system, speak with a trusted mechanic who can recommend the right components for your specific car and goals. With the right setup, you could see some serious horsepower gains in no time! Come to Exo Auto Parts for Professional advice on what's best for your performance vehicle.