About EXO

Our Story

In 1968, Dimitrios Litsios arrived at the port of Melbourne from Greece. He was a 4th generation blacksmith trained as a metal fabricator with Siemens in Munich, Germany.  

In 1975, he started his own exhaust and auto parts manufacturing company from the tin shed in his own backyard in Oakleigh, Victoria. The first customers were the Ford Motor Company and International Harvester. Over time, the business continually incorporated cutting-edge manufacturing technology. This transformed the company into a leading manufacturer supplying automotive and performance products to original equipment manufacturers (OEM), defence, and other corporations.

Today, the family legacy continues on with his son, Anthony and his two grandsons, Dimitri and Nicholas. The product range is consistently expanding, with cost-effective and superior quality products that are manufactured globally.

EXO Brand and Logo

The EXO brand was created to supply superior aftermarket parts for cars, SUVs, 4WDs, light, medium and heavy-duty trucks.
EXO means ‘OUT’ in Greek. OUT- performing, OUT- standing & OUT- lasting products.

The cheetah incorporated in the EXO logo symbolises powerful and exhilarating performance. The black spots represent our auto parts products that are uniquely crafted.

8 Pillars of EXO Design Philosophy

  • Enhanced Performance & Characteristics
  • Quality Products
  • Long Life
  • Maximum Durability
  • Perfect Fit
  • Superior Material Selection
  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Ephemeralization

EXO Quality Manufacturing Standard

EXO products are manufactured to meet the Australian Design Rules (ADR). Only the highest-grade materials, craftmanship, and quality control processes are selected to produce each part.

EXO Customer Satisfaction

  • Excellent Customer Support  
  • Customer Value
  • Perfect Fit
  • Accurate Part Delivery
  • Fast Delivery
  • Product Warranty
  • User-friendly Online Store   

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